Name change?

I am thinking of changing the name of this blog from stephbuildsaplane to stephstaresatapileofmetalandrivetsandfeelsoverwhelmed. Seriously, what have I gotten myself into?!?!

OK. Deep breaths. Maybe some yoga. I can do this. Right? RIGHT???? I have to think that everyone who decides, hey, you know what might be fun? Building an airplane, must hit this point where they question every single decision they have ever made that led to this point. I am there. That is my reality.

It’s a good thing I don’t drink. I may have blown my wing budget on wine. Or whiskey. Or grain alcohol. Whew. I just need to get my feet under me. I am sure that people much more stressed than myself have managed to do this.

But the excitement of waiting for the kit has turned into the reality of it being here and actually putting it together. And then flying something I built. Me. With my degrees in law and French literature.

Ok. Meltdown over. Time to go back to studying the plans.

And don’t forget to go buy airplane coffee so I can afford the therapy I am going to need.

4 responses to “Name change?”

  1. One bite at a time…. Do you have an EAA Tech Advisor to help you get started? How about a couple of Los cal builders to help you get started?


  2. One. Thing. At. A. Time. Grasshopper 😎


  3. Let’s just say that the overwhelmed feeling is nearly universal!

    Once you get a rhythm you’ll enjoy the process more.

    And when the empennage is done much of what is new now will almost be second hand.


  4. You absolutely can do this!
    It literally IS one step at a time. Stop looking at all those parts. Put everything away except what you need for the vertical stabilizer and start with step one. Remember, you are on the vertical (so to speak) part of the learning curve. Very quickly you will gain skills, confidence and speed.
    Call me if you want to talk (about your airplane building. I can’t help you with your other issues.😉) I’m only a couple of months ahead of you but this is my second RV so…

    And thanks for sharing your journey,


    John Barker
    Oceanside, OR
    503-815-3633 land line
    503-812-3096 mobile


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