All is calm, all is bright

I have gotten over my temporary freak out. For now. The world is calm and just as it should be. The metal pieces are shining brightly. The rivets are sorted and resting safely in their labeled containers. I had to order two tiny little parts from Van’s for the two that were damaged. Out of the thousands of little tiny parts, not a single one was missing. As always, Van’s was a treat to deal with. I talked to Nancy this morning. She is a delight and my $0.53 worth of extra parts is on its way.

I started a notebook with a cross-reference chart of where to find all these little pieces. It may be overkill, but I’d rather err on the side of caution. I think I am almost done organizing. It is almost time to actually start building. Yikes! Goal is to fly this thing to Oshkosh 2025. Oshkosh 2024 would be even better, but that may be too ambitious.

And now for the baby announcement. I have a new, smaller air compressor that has recently joined the family. Junior will be used when I have smaller jobs and need it to be more portable. Goliath will remain stationary for the most part and only plugged in when we need the extra power. Junior is pretty cute. I already have taken a liking to him. New tools really seem to help in calming the anxiety over this project. What can’t a determined woman do if she has a new power tool?

Now I really need a break from this heat. It is so hot in the garage that working for any amount of time is miserable. I wonder how much it will cost to install air conditioning into my hangar? Maybe not the best idea considering the huge front door, but it would be nice when it’s closed!

On a side note, if you have an RV already flying or you know someone who does, I am hoping to add an RV photo to my coffee labels. You can check out the current labels at I am hoping to add an experimental homebuilt coffee. It will probably be a constantly changing bean variety to liven things up. But until I get my plane built, I need a photo. So if you know of an RV that you think could win the Spokesmodel category, let me know.

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