Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

So the safety officer of my flying club asked me to drop off our Archer at an airport about 35 miles away after my flight tomorrow. I would have been happy to do so under any circumstance. But here’s the kicker … he’s giving me a ride back to our home airport in his RV!

There is just no way I could pass up that opportunity. A big part of me thinks I should not do this because it will only make me more impatient for my kit to get here and to get started. On that note, I got my order confirmation from Van’s over the weekend. I have an official builder number and I feel very important because of that.

Another big event tomorrow is that I will be placing my order for part two – the quick build wing kit. Lead time is about a year, so I want to go ahead and get that started so that hopefully it will arrive about the time that the empennage/tail section is done. I will be ordering the quick build fuselage in about three months and then the finishing kit and firewall forward. After all of that, there is nothing left to order by the engine, avionics, and interior. Whew. I am going to be obsessed with this for a long time!

My latest dilemma (which will not be an issue for a long time) is avionics. Garmin is obviously the gold standard, but Dynon has a very nice package that is made just for the experimental market. The SkyView system is looking promising and it is about half the price. The only thing they do not have in their glass panel system is a Mode C transponder, which I will definitely need since my home airport is about 25 miles outside the Denver bravo mode C veil. Exhibitors of avionics at Sun ‘n Fun, you have been warned. Crazy, curly-haired woman will be stalking you and asking waaaaay too many questions. Forewarned is forearmed.

That’s it for today. Gotta go do my day job.

2 responses to “Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!”

  1. Stephanie: Love your blog, your writing style and your passion for RV’s!! Enjoy reading your updates very much. I’m building a 14A, and have been at it about 22 months. Looking like I should be flying sometime over the next month or two, so things are getting real over here.

    I won’t offer an opinion on G vs. D, although I will tell you that I went with G. My primary reason was it just felt better to have full inter-operability between components, all of one manufacturer. But there are obviously many views on that value prop. But the other reason I chose G, and why I’m writing, is that it wasn’t my experience that D was substantially cheaper than G. As in maybe a few $100’s when you laid out comparable capabilities. Perhaps I got that wrong, but wanted to suggest you ensure your #’s are right before you make a decision with heavy weight to cost.

    Look forward to future updates! Rick


    1. Thanks for the input! Honestly, I will probably end up going with G simply because it is the gold standard. Why put all this time into something and then scrimp at the end to save a couple of dollars. Keep me updated here as yours comes together.


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