Distractions, distractions

My day job is not an easy one. I find myself drawn to distractions to handle the overwhelming stress of having people’s futures and lives in my hands. And this project has already been a wonderful thing for that even though I don’t even have confirmation of my builder number.

Yesterday, I got my first shipment from Aircraft Tool Supply Co. I expect it will be the first of many. My UPS driver is going to be wondering what I am covering by having everything shipped from aircraft tool companies. I hope they think it is something really nefarious. I almost have all the tools necessary to start my toolbox project. If they would just ship my rivet gun, which appears to be on backorder for a few more weeks. Stupid supply chain. Now if I can get my son to swing by his grandparents’ house on his way home from college at Christmas and bring me an air compressor, I should be good to go.

I am taking bets on how many toolboxes I will have to build before I am ready to actually put a rivet into my airplane kit. The over-under right now stands at 5. Tom has bet over. He will not be getting one of the really nice ones unless he starts having a bit more faith in my yet untested riveting abilities. The instructions look straight forward and the YouTube videos make it look simple enough. I hope they sent a lot of extra rivets.

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