Just one of the family

I saw a beautiful RV in front of the FBO yesterday so I had to run out and drool. it was gorgeous. The pilot who built it (finished in 2009) assured me that he has not had a single regret. Ever. His son, who was sitting in the plane as this crazy woman leaned in and over him, looked a bit bored but that’s OK. I expect my kids to just tell everyone, ”She’s always been a bit nuts. We just let her do whatever and we don’t say much.” To be fair, they aren’t wrong.

I got a lovely email from Van’s this week saying how happy they are to see more women and girls getting into projects like this. I think I picked the right company. There are not many women on the sites talking about building airplanes. Well, there aren’t many women flying at all. So when the company noticed and commented, I was very pleased. Keep up the great work, Van’s. I am happy to be part of the family.

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