I pulled the trigger

Today, I placed an order for the empennage/tail cone kit. It’s the first part you build. It should arrive in about 5 months. That gives me plenty of time to stress and plan and stress again and buy tools and build several toolboxes until I get one right.

Most of my family is convinced I have lost my mind. Fortunately, this is not a new situation. I think they all agree that I am easier to deal with when I have something consuming me. So this seems like a win-win for us all.

If you are going to be with me for awhile, we should get to know each other. When I am not doing ridiculous things like building airplanes, I am a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense. I live in the beautiful northern Colorado front range and I fly out of KGXY airport in Greeley, CO. I have a daughter who is an ICU RN and a son who is finishing up a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics. I share my life with another criminal defense attorney, Tom, and two very sweet shelties, Gideon and Brady. I’ll add more as we get to know each other, but that’s a start.

Now back to the fun stuff. I have to decide between a 20 and 29 gallon air compressor. Decisions, decisions. I am thinking 29, because size matters, right? But 20 seems like it would do the job and I don’t really need overkill. Plenty of first world problems to consider before Santa arrives with a very heavy bag this year.

3 responses to “I pulled the trigger”

  1. drill_and_buck aka Mike Avatar
    drill_and_buck aka Mike

    Go for it! To quote Henry Ford, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” It took me 7-years. My biggest asset was my naivety and access to good counsel.


  2. Hi Steph,

    I am also waiting for my emp kit and started putting together my workshop in my garage. I think im going for the 27gal compressor because i dont want to have it running all the time because i live in a townhouse community with babies in earshot of my garage.


    1. That seems wise. My local Harbor Freight does not have a 27 gallon but they do have a 29 gallon. Price and size are not much different than the 20. I do not have sleeping babies anywhere near (thank God), but the bigger one does seem better.


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