Tools, tools, and more tools!

You cannot even consider a project like this unless you are a tool junkie. If you are wondering if you have the obsession with tools it takes, you don’t. You would know.

I just got a tool catalog in the mail and I feel like a child pouring over the Sears Wish Book before Christmas (did I just seriously date myself there? For all you younger folks, Sears used to send out a color catalog. They had everything. It was like Amazon, only in print.). I have post-it tabbed gobs of stuff.

I think the collecting of the tools for this project may be as satisfying as the project itself. There is nothing like seeing something, not having any idea what it is for, finding a YouTube video, and not knowing how you ever lived without this gem you could not identify in the first place. I am going to have to set myself a monthly tool budget, otherwise the dogs are not going to get fed because I won’t be able to afford dog food. They won’t thank me for that.

On a completely different note, I am trying to figure out how to add pictures to this blog so you get to see something other than just words. Stay tuned.

Drop your favorite tools in the comments. I have shopping to do!

One response to “Tools, tools, and more tools!”

  1. Pan American for drill bits
    Nitrile textured gloves (keeps you from getting cut doing metal work for years)
    24” hemostats for picking up dropped things


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