So many rivets

I have started counting the rivets. I should not have started counting the rivets.

Amazon should be delivering the dozens of small boxes I have ordered to organize and store the rivets. Did I mention there are a lot of rivets?

I have taken the day off from inventory. It is now done. I spent the day putting together, my new aviation themed coffee website. Not as many rivets, just as many details.

I got back from vacation on Saturday. I could use another vacation!

2 responses to “So many rivets”

  1. Ahhh….. rivets. From one that has gone before you, I recommend storing your rivets in containers with secure closure – ziplock bags, containers w/twist on lids, etc. When you are going to be setting said rivets, place a pinch or 2 into an empty, low profile container (Altoids, Ice Breaker Mints or Lay’s French Onion Dip cans work well – empty of said dip 😉 Only ever have 1 storage container open at any given time. Even with these precautions, the probability of different sized rivets co-mingling with each other is still high. WHEN this happens, just swipe them all into an “I will sort them later” bin for when you truly have nothing better to do 😎


    1. Take a look at my post about organizing. I have them all in individual containers with little locking lids. So far, I am liking it. I may change it. I am all about the organizing. If I could paint them all different colors and color code them, I would be in heaven! Thanks for all the tips and the support. I am going to need all of it.


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