And off we go

I spent almost two hours uncrating and inventorying my empennage kit. what I have learned so far: airplanes have a lot of parts. It’s a good thing I own a coffee company ( if you haven’t discovered our Pilot Fuel coffee line yet). I am going to need a lot of caffeine.

Prying the top off the crate was challenge one. Van’s really knows how to nail those suckers down. A combination of pry bar, claw hammer, and a lot of swearing did the trick.

Everything was beautifully packed. I stared at it for awhile and contemplated how much more space I need. I believe I am about #25 on the waiting list for hangar space. If you know anyone at KGXY, put in a good word.

The first of so so so many pieces!

I very quickly learned that highlighter is much better than checking off the lines. Van’s may do a lot of things really well, but their lines aren’t lined up with the item. It took three check marks to send me in for a highlighter. I used orange since that is Van’s signature color.

So there is one bag and three parts I don’t have checked off. I am taking a break before I go look again. I am really hoping I don’t have to go through the trash.

And then it is time to check the instructions and cross match against necessary tools. But first, lunch.

4 responses to “And off we go”

  1. Be sure to “un-nest” every piece – Van’s hides little things like hinges in nested parts. Also look under the “floor” of BOXES & crates – they like to hide things there too 😉 Lastly (for the moment) be VERY careful when you inventory or actually build – there can be (read: ARE) duplicate numbered parts that are only spec’d differently by their similar looking prefix, ie: VS-708 and HS-708. Welcome to the club Steph!


    1. Thanks! I spent about three hours today. I am about 80% done. There are two parts I have not found yet but I did not look under the floor!


  2. All right, all right, all right!
    I’m about a month ahead of you. I thought I had all the tools I’d need to build a -14 since I’ve already built an -8. Mais non!… Another $450 order with Cleaveland and NOW I’m ready.
    Just finished my Vert Stab yesterday:

    [A picture containing indoor, person, ceiling, person Description automatically generated]

    Tip of the day:
    Develop your rivet removal skills early. You will need them. Just sayin’


    1. I am going line by line through the instructions and preparing my latest order. I hope the vacation home I have funded for the tool supply company owner is a nice one.


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