A girl never forgets her first rivet gun

And mine arrived today! It has been on backorder for a couple of months, but all that is behind me now. It arrived along with my order of cleco fasteners and cleco pliers. I will be off to Lowe’s later today for a storage box for the clecos. I believe Santa is bringing me a set of tungsten bucking bars so very soon I will be able to make the first of many practice toolboxes. It is starting!

I hope this project remains this fun even during what I am sure will be the hard times. There are sure to be a number of issues. I have no doubt that I will rivet my sleeve to the plane at least once. Doesn’t everyone? I have to think Boeing has had to replace more than one uniform because of that in their plant.

I have an outstanding role model for finding joy just in the task. I lost him in January but his memory and the example he set will be with me throughout this project. He didn’t build planes, but he could have if he wanted to. He built cars. Model As. And he loved very few things more than working on those cars. I was lucky enough to be one of those things. He would have loved this rivet gun. I sure do wish he were here to try it out.

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