Holding patterns

One of the most important parts of a holding pattern is the entry. There are three distinct ways to enter, but making sure you have the right one and execute it well will ensure your success. I am pretty sure there are more than three ways to enter into the holding pattern for building an airplane, but the idea is still the same. Set up, face the right direction, choose the right entry for the path and the pattern, and then wait.

So that’s where I am. My holding pattern includes examining tools and buying the right ones (I am really hoping Santa brings me a set of tungsten bucking bars), making lists of possible avionics, studying the plans to make sure I have an idea of how to get organized, setting up the workspace, and about a hundred other things. My point, and I do have one, is that the biggest part is facing the right direction, both for flying and for building.

I realize I didn’t put a lot of thought into starting this project. I just jumped in with both feet by ordering this kit. Now that I am in my holding pattern, I have time to think. While I really wish I had started this back when you could order and have your kit within the next two weeks, this is probably better for me to have six months to get stuff set up. That said, the Stout Aircraft Builders hats and t-shirts have already arrived. Now I just have to convince Santa to load his sleigh with everything Aircraft Tool Supply offers.

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