God save me from this air compressor

Who knew that you cannot just buy an air compressor. Well, you can, but it won’t work until you buy at least 10 other things. I think I have finally gotten the new one working. It took four trips to the hardware store (not including the trip to buy it in the first place). Tom’s bother and he have long had a measuring stick for all home projects. That stick is how many trips to the hardware store it takes to finish the project. This one may be in the top 5.

So Junior (my new, portable air compressor) is now set up. I think. After I took him out of the box, I realized I needed a filter, so I got one. Then I had to exchange that one for the right sized one. Then a second hose, you know, for the other side of the filter. Then couplings. Oh, the couplings. Lots and lots of couplings. I had to order an air tool regulator online because there is no store in Northern Colorado (or Southern Wyoming, for that matter) where I could find one on the shelf. They don’t even have shelf space saved. Do people not use rivet guns around here??? Exchange a few couplings, and I think Junior is now ready to compress some air this weekend. We shall see. It will be nice to have the portable unit set up so I can move the big guy to the corner of the hangar and leave him there. He came used and already set up just in case anyone is wondering why I did not have to make multiple trips to the hardware store for him.

My tool budget seems to be going down a bit. That is not saving me much money right now as my chocolate budget seems to be increasing exponentially.

If anyone hears a loud explosion from the area of Windsor this weekend, just assume that I am about to have to head to the hardware store a fifth time. That is not ever a problem. The only problem is that every trip to the hardware store ends with a lot more stuff than just whatever I went to get for the current project. Like a little bird collecting shiny things for my nest.

Visit me at http://www.poweredbypilotfuel.com for coffee. We don’t use compressed air there.

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