Shouldn’t the EAA Young Eagles program be called eaglets? I understand that children might not be as excited about that one, but it is the most descriptive. I was thinking about this because I just filled out all the forms to be qualified to give Young Eagle flights for my local EAA chapter. Maybe I can convince a few of the eaglets that they might enjoy driving rivets.

Since I am focused on kids getting in the air today, I thought I would share this picture of me with the family Cessna 140. It’s not a recent picture, just in case anyone was wondering. I believe it was taken right before my father and I it flew to Memphis to trade that plane for the first family Bonanza. My first flight in that little bird was when I was about two weeks old. I am not telling how long ago that was, but it’s still flying. I looked it up and it has current FAA registration. I think it is a 1947 plane. I am glad it is still in the sky.

I am thinking I may need to try to replicate that super stylish outfit for a picture in front of my plane. OK, maybe not.

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