On your mark, get set, go!

The time is here. Delivery of the empennage/tail section is in two days. And in three days, I leave for Oregon for vacation where I will visit the factory and take a test flight.

Did I mention, the time is here!!! I cannot believe it. I am not ready. But I am so ready.

And so it begins. Stay tuned. It is going to be an amazing ride!

In the meantime, get yourself over to https://www.rockymtnroast.com/shop-2 for some Pilot Fuel Coffee so I can afford to finish this thing. You will be the coolest pilot at the airport with this coffee and travel mug. And that is also just the beginning. I am hoping that in two years, we have a bag with my plane on it!

4 responses to “On your mark, get set, go!”

  1. Very cool Steph! I just started the EMP on my RV-8A myself. Race ya 😉


    1. Delivery was made on Saturday morning. I have not seen it in person yet. I get home in four days and the race is on!


  2. Congrats Stephanie! (or condolences, we’ll see).

    Don’t know how long you’ll be in Oregon (Orygun, just so you know) but if you’d like a little side trip to the Oregon coast (about an 1 ½ hours from Van’s) we’d love to meet you and show you John and Sue’s airplane factory in Oceanside. That would be my wife and I.

    Just a thought….


    John Barker/Sue Wainwright
    Oceanside, OR
    503-815-3633 land line
    503-812-3096 mobile


    1. That is so insanely kind of you! I am not sure I can carve out the time on this trip but I am going to take a rain check and hold you to that promise!


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