It’s all about the approach

As an instrument student, approaches are my new world. Without the approach, you have nothing. That seems pretty apropos of everything, including building an airplane. The right attitude (see what I did there!), tools, path, and you have success. Not lined up, disaster.

I still have a few months before the empennage/tail kit arrives. No telling when my rivet gun is gong to get here. But that gives me time to brief the project completely. So I am working on getting everything in place and at some point, when I have a rivet gun, building a few Van’s toolboxes so I can try to figure out what I am doing.

I am on a billon year waiting list for hangar space at my airport (if any of you out there know of a good deal on a condo hangar at KGXY let me know), so the first part of this journey will be in the garage. I have a huge garage and a second story unfinished addition, so I am contemplating whether it is better to build in the garage or upstairs. I am not sure how heavy this stuff is going to be going up and down the stairs. The room over the garage would be ideal if I can get some of the garbage out of there and get it organized. Oh, and if I can figure out that we can get the empennage out of there and down the stairs when we are done.

Tom thinks I should put in a second story barn door (it faces the back yard) with a pulley system. I have a sneaking suspicion he only wants me to do that so that it will be easier for him to store canoes and kayaks up there. He has a few. We don’t talk about how many. He doesn’t comment on my airplane building, I don’t comment on the number of boats he has. It works well for both of us to keep our mouths shut about these things.

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